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Skype for Mobile Pocket PC

Great. I’m now shopping for a WiFi enabled Pocket PC to replace my old Samsung SPH I-330 Palm phone/pda (Bye-bye Sprint. Sorry you don’t have service where I need it). I LOVED the I-330. I could surf the web (where Sprint had service), read Avantgo news and the phone was great, but now I want WiFi and Skype features.

Read Skype’s announcement about their new Pocket PC software here.

Anyone want a good deal on a Samsung I-330 pda phone? 😉

Seriously, I’ve got one for sale for $75 including shipping. Check it out here.


2 thoughts on “Skype for Mobile Pocket PC

  1. Sie says:

    Some news about Sprint – is that Sprint and Nextel are merging! That should be a fair amount of chaos for all those cell phone tech supporters.

  2. Well, as good an idea as it seemed to be, I find using Skype on my Windows Ipaq Pocket PC to be impossible. Sound quality is too bad to make any type of voice communication possible.

    A real shame. I was looking forward to NOT having to lug my laptop to a WiFi access point every time I wanted to make a Skype call on the road.

    Next innovative technology, please…

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