Packet8 VOIP so far

So far so good on the quality. I love this thing! The only problem I’ve had so far is that the screen on the cordless handset that came with the base station suddenly looked like someone had smeared it with their thumb. After less than three weeks, it was totally unreadable. The phone still worked fine, but the screen was useless.

I called Packet8 and the support tech was very friendly and told me he’d call me back with a procedure to replace the unit and, he actually did in just a few minutes.

The procedure was to call Uniden, the phone manufacturer. I did and their tech had me remove the battery, push a few buttons and so forth. It didn’t work, so I was given instructions to return the handset. Of course, Uniden didn’t offer to pay shipping on their malfunctioning unit, which pretty much sucks, so I shipped it on my own dime.

FYI, I got the Uniden UIP1868P which has a really cool base unit along with the cordless handset. It can be ordered when you open your Packet8 account or through Amazon if it’s a better deal. Additional cordless sets can also be ordered.

I’ll post what happens next.


4 thoughts on “Packet8 VOIP so far

  1. MaFunk says:

    Packet 8 is the worst! I have had nothing but problems with them. Here are the lowlights:

    September: Started Service

    Mid September: Phone lines went down, so I called packet8 to fix them. It took tech support two days to get it fixed.

    Early October: I found out that they billed my credit card $180 for stuff that I never ordered or authorized. It took me 10 phone calls, one week and hours of time to finally get them to aknowledge that they over charged me. Then it took another three weeks to ‘get my money back’. Actually they refused to credit my money to my card, all they were willing to do was giving me credit for their crappy phone service.

    Mid October: Suddenly my business line stopped working. I found out that they had sold my business line to some guy selling car stereos!!
    It took three phone calls and one day to get that fixed.

    Now, Late November: My phones have been down for 9 hours. I waited for support on hold for 45 minutes. When I talked to them they basically said, ‘tough shit our server is corrupted, can’t help you out’. When I asked when it would be fixed they said, “don’t know'”

    Packet 8 is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE company with awful customer service, awful technology, and they are crooks in my opinion. They have cost me quite a bit of money and not once have they offered to remedy that situation.

  2. Wow, bummer. So far the only problem I have had was with one of the Uniden cordless handsets. After a couple of weeks, the display on it went out. I contacted Packet8 and they forwarded me to Uniden. Now Uniden was a different story. They had me box the handset up and ship it to them with a return authorization. A couple of weeks or so later the replacement arrived. I noticed it looked slightly different. After numerous tries to get it to connect to the base unit, I called Uniden again and discovered they had sent the wrong phone. Strangely, they told me to trash the replacement and they would send the correct phone, which they did.

    I can’t say the phone connection is always as clear as a land line, but so far it’s as good if not better than my Cingular cell phone.

    Sorry to hear about your ordeal!

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