CJ’s Stingy PR Attitude

Well, aside from ditching Commission Junction altogether, it appears backlinks are not among the benefits CJ is willing to share.

But, I’m curious to know if by some miracle, I could convice CJ to add my own “tracking” image to affiliate code pointing back to a site. This “tracking” code would include a transparent image sitting on my domain. This would provide a spiderable connection to my domain. Granted, it would point to an image, but I’m curious to know if it would pull in any backlink strength for the domain as a whole.

Something like:

Hey, just curious.

note – pardon all of the extraneous slashes above, WordPress threw them in


One thought on “CJ’s Stingy PR Attitude

  1. Ahhh, and now Commission Junction is raising fees for participating merchants to a minimum of $500 per month. Seems to me they’re asking, no make that BEGGING merchants to leave. Seems to me there are less expensive affiliate programs out there that ALSO give you the benefit of backlink strength. Run, don’t walk, away from CJ!

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