Beware of Geeks Bearing Deals

I’ve been a fan of for a while now. I was on their e-mail list and over the past year purchased a couple of items that appeared to be bargains and was satisfied with my purchases.

About a month ago I received one of their daily “deals” e-mails and noticed a couple of what appeared to be refurbished Dell flat screen monitors for a nice price, so I ordered a couple of these 19″ babies for a total of around $400. Once you’ve gone to a dual monitor system, you’ll never go back. Since I’ve been using two different 19-inchers, I thought I would get two that match.

The monitors came and I hooked them up with enthusiastic anticipation, which was quickly dashed. One had a shawdowy blemish on the left lower side, which I could live with since it didn’t really bother me too much. The other monitor, however was a different story. It had a bright red vertical line just right of the center of the screen. This was something I just couldn’t work with or accept. This monitor shouldn’t have been sold. It should have been given away! So I got a return authorization and sent both back at my own expense.

Happy ending to the story? No. pronounced them fine and shipped them right back to me.

Moral of the story? Don’t buy from! Their deals are likely to be rip-offs like this. I can use the one monitor, but the one with the red line will just sit in the closet.

Tell your friends. I’m telling mine.


2 thoughts on “Beware of Geeks Bearing Deals

  1. Todd in Cali says:

    I ordered a xpci video card from Geeks. It arrived, and the box on the outside was in good condition. Inside was another story. The ESD bag the card was in was all tore up, and it was obvious the thing had been used and just thrown back in the box. The ESD bag wasn’t even taped shut. I called them and they stuck me on hold, then hung up on me. Being a longtime customer with previous email correspondence with them, I decided to just email them. They ignored me !

    I’ll never buy anything from again, and I do not recommend them. Looking back at my purchases from them over the years, I realize that over half the products I’ve bought from them were either defective, or just plain died. The DVD recorders in particular being notorious for not working and/or dying within a month. Yes the prices are really low, just be sure what you do spend you can write off as a total loss and you wont be disappointed.

    I still can’t get over them shipping me a used video card that I paid over a hundred bucks for, and then did not immediately give me a RA number to ship it back when I called. It’s such BS. I just think about that vid card and their total lack of CS and see red.

    Screw Geeks.

  2. Yep, I got screwed as well. Took advantage of one of their Christmas specials…an inexpensive laptop for my mother to learn on. A Christmas present. It arrived with the keyboard broken so she returned it, of course at her own expense. Turns out they’re not making good on the purchase and giving me a credit…the exact opposite of what I asked for. The notes in the credit item claim I said it was a-ok, though.

    Best of all, I get the email with their decision. Literally 1 minute later I get their daily email offering laptops at twice the price I paid for my Christmas present! Gee, what bargains.

    They get in laptop shipments all the time. All I wanted was for them to make good on the purchase and provide me the laptop I purchased instead of being cheap.

    Oh, this is my 4th purchase with them. 4th defective item and the only one I’ve bothered to send back. With me footing the return shipping bill it wasn’t worth it for the others. I guess at this rate I was asking to be jipped. Whatever. I’m spreading the word to my blogger and social networking friends and especially my IT peers to avoid Geeks like the plague! Rip-off City…

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