Sci Fi Channel gets Star Trek: Enterprise

Well, this has nothing to do with search engine optimization or marketing, but as with any true computer geek-type person, I’m a science fiction fan. As such, I subscribe to the Sci Fi Wire service from the Sci Fi Channel through Avantgo. I just sync my PDA and all of the latest info is downloaded onto my good old IPAQ ready for me to take with me.

Today’s announcement that the Sci Fi Channel will pick up the reruns of Star Trek: Enterprise comes as no big surprise. The Sci Fi Channel is where it belongs. In fact, that is where it should have ALWAYS been – not on the Unwatchable Program Network (UPN).  I’m not alone in expressing disappointment that the Sci Fi Channel didn’t pick up the series when UPN dumped it. After all, they picked up Stargate SG-1 after several years on Showtime and it’s still running strong.

It’s no surprise to me either that UPN will be going away when it folds into a single entity with WB, which is a little better (at least they kept Smallville). Since Star Trek: Enterprise went off the air, I haven’t watched a single show on UPN. It’s not just that I’m still pissed at UPN. They’ve just nothing of interest. All of their current programming is really lame.

I appreciate the Sci Fi Channel and love much of the current programming (they could dump the stupid wrestling show, IMHO), but they dropped the ball on this one. New episodes of Enterprise should be running in between Sci Fi Friday seasons much as the current version of Dr. Who.

So, Enterprise reruns will be on Sci Fi. Guess it’s better than nothing.


One thought on “Sci Fi Channel gets Star Trek: Enterprise

  1. FYI – HDNet, the high definition cable channel, beat Sci Fi to the punch and is showing Star Trek: Enterprise in hi def.

    Sorry, Sci Fi, but if you won’t have new episodes, I can at least watch the Enterprise reruns in high definition on HDNet for a “new” experience.

    For me, it beats the upcoming Dr. Who episodes on Sci Fi Friday. No offense to Dr. Who fans, but it’s never been a favorite of mine. I’d way rather have new episodes of Enterprise in that spot (Yeah, I know. Not going to happen, but I can dream!).

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