Domains for Sale

I’m putting some of my unused domains on the market. I’ve got a whole variety of accessmasters.* domains. Back in the old days, I’d have a .net for Internet services, .org for free stuff, .ws for a weather and travel site and the .com for a great big doorway page for the whole family. Of course, we know about doorway pages these days. 😉

Anyway, the oldest of the bunch is, which I bought in 1998 when I thought I wanted to open an ISP. I never could quite bring myself to putting money into a local ISP (thank God!) and wound up using the domain as the base for a consulting business before I became The WebOptimist and later as an affiliate page.

The others,, and have been around for several years as well in their incarnations above.

The other domain,, was purchased a few years ago when I considered putting up a real estate site for the Palm Springs, CA area. PSP is the airport designation for Palm Springs, so the domain would be good as a Palm Springs real estate or tourism site.

However, now that the game system, PSP, is big, could also be a great domain for a game site.

Anyway, they’re all listed at Check them out. I just parked with Sedo, so it’s newly on the market.


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