Google’s “Miserable Failure” Fix Timing

Google picked a heck of a time to decide to “fix” the Google Bombed search for “miserable failure” which has been bringing up the bio of George W. Bush in the #1 spot. SEO s have long known that using keyword rich text in hyper links has an effect on rankings for those keywords and that’s exactly how the “miserable failure” bomb was launched a few years ago. Thousands of web sites used the phrase “miserable failure” as a hyperlink to the Bush page.

Google’s “fix” attempts to prevent these “bombs” from happening.

Regardless of your political persuasion, I think this sucks. Tampering with keyword-rich algos blows away the concept of keyword rich links as being reliable in any way. Google can do what they want, of course, but I really think the timing of this blows.

After all, considering the recent polls, we’re now getting inaccurate results for a search for “miserable failure” dontcha think? šŸ˜‰


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