Skype Rolls Out SkypeFind

Skype quietly rolled out the 3.1 beta version of their popular VOIP software with a new feature called SkypeFind, which lets users recommend local business that can be searched for and called.

This puts a whole new angle on not only social search but also local search. Strangely, Skype does not include a Skype user name in the results so that you can Skype the business. Adding a business to SkypeFind only provides a real phone number.

Guess Skype wants you to pay them to use SkypeOut. I suppose they’ve got to make money somehow, but that’s pretty bad. After all, Skype grew its huge user base based in a large part to free Skype-to-Skype calling. A lot of businesses are experimenting with taking Skype calls, including (see screen capture below).

SkypeFind - Local business search.

C’mon, Skype. We love you to death, but how about a way to call local businesses who support Skype-to-Skype?


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