Instant SEO Overview Service via Skype

Skype has introduced its new Skype Prime Services Beta as a part of Skype 3.1 which allow users to offer services by way of Skype at pay per call charges. For instance, say you are a consultant who charges by the minute for phone consults. Set yourself up as a service in Skype Prime Services with a per minute or set charge, place a button on your site (these can be custom configured through Skype. See below.) and you’re set to go. Payments are made by way of PayPal and Skype keeps a hefty 30% of the fee. The amount you can charge is pretty restrictive at this time, too. For instance, there’s a cap of $2.50 per minute.

Personal Site SEO Overview

Want a quick overview of your site’s SEO? Call now for a personal look by The WebOptimist.

Call now

$1 per minute

So, to further test this service I’m going to do a variation of my Personal Site Overview service and offer it through Skype Prime Services Beta. I’m calling it Instant Site Overview and it features a chat with me without the reservations required for the Personal Site Overview. You also won’t get the reports that I will prepare for Personal Site Overview clients, just talk.

Of course, if I’m not available, there’s no charge. Just leave a message and tell me you want the Instant Site Overview. I’ll call you back and we’ll arrange for a good time. I’m only on the computer 15 hours a day, ya know?

And yes, you can call me on a regular phone, too. These will be routed through my Skype number at 713-893-1741.

And, yes, remember, this is a BETA product from Skype. There could be bugs.


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