OK, I’ve been tagged! Why I blog…

My friend and respected colleague in the search marketing trenches Jaan Kanellis has tagged me for an ongoing “Why I Blog?” string going around our industry blogs lately. So, here I go:

1. As an SEO, I have to keep up with what’s going on. This business changes by the minute and even the top dogs can’t keep up with it all. If I find something that someone else might not have caught, I want to share it as quickly as I can. A blog and RSS feeds help me do that.

2. I’m an educator at heart and like to share what I know. I’ve done software training and taught college level courses. The blog acts as a repository of all the little nuggets of information that I come across that I share. I’m planning to expand beyond doing SEO for web sites to giving training seminars and workshops for businesses and web site owners, so my blog provides a great tool for educating.

3. I’m a gadget freak and love to test out new stuff. The blog gives me a great place to review the good, the bad and the ugly and give my opinion on whether a gadget is worth time or money.

4. I blog to vent. It’s a great outlet for venting steam.

5. Blogging is a learning experience for me and there’s nothing like doing it yourself to learn the ins and outs before recommending something to a client. These days I would suggest a blog for just about every client and they expect me to be an expert at it.

Certainly, those aren’t all of the reasons, but that should give a pretty good indication of why I blog. I was already spending 15 hours a day online even before blogging came along. What’s another five hours a day? 😉

Tag! You’re it, Robin Nobles!


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