Forget Googling. Let’s Go Dollaring!

Searching for DollarsIt is rare that I go through article directories, but I found a very interesting article over at that discusses the recent Google toolbar Page Rank update that has thrown a lot of site owners into a tizzy. I mention some of my findings in my post Google Re-examines Recent PR Update.

Anyway, Ba Kiwanuka brings up a lot of good observations in his article Has Your Website Been Google Slapped? In a nutshell, he sees Google as positioning itself for the almighty dollar. Everything it does to us, the little guys, is to attract big bucks in advertising. So, knocking down PR on some sites that are doing things like, horrors, selling paid links, will cascade down the line and also knock down PR for the guys at the end of the line. Hate to rain on the PR parade, but the Google storm cloud has arrived.

So, if buying links on these paid link sites is going to hurt us PR-wise, what are we to do?

Buy AdWords, of course! 😉

So much for that Google “do no evil” stuff.


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