Internet Radio Under Fire

Net radio webcasters could be silencedInternet radio broadcasters are soon to be hit with a huge royalty increase for every song they play, to the tune of a 270% increase, according to a post on Read/WriteWeb. In protest, a lot of internet radio broadcasters staged a day of silence on Tuesday. Listeners tuned into silence.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t listen to Internet radio a whole lot, but I do tune in from time to time for some background music and I’ve been known to surf the web in search of distance news stations. Although I’m not a rabid listener of Internet radio, I feel this idiocy has to stop. Internet radio broadcasters are being unfairly treated compared to their satellite radio counterparts, who pay royalties based on a percentage of revenue rate. If this moronic rate hike goes into effect on July 15, expect a huge exodus of available stations.

Jeez, the only difference between a satellite broadcaster and a web based one is a cable.

This is stupid, stupid, stupid!

Please, go to, get informed and take action!

OK, rant over…for now.

Audio comments below. Leave voice mail at (512) 402-5110 if you would like to leave an audio comment.


2 thoughts on “Internet Radio Under Fire

  1. I do listen to internet radio (almost daily), but even if I wouldn’t, I’d still say this is stupid. I have no idea why they impose the new royalties because it’s clear it’s not because of money – there are tens of thousands of people (a big force) and yet nothing has changed. Will we see the day when videos and tv will no longer be displayed on the web? Surely not. Then, what’s the problem with the internet radios?

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