The Web Optimist on iPhone

Content Robot presents the iPhone WordPress Plugin and ThemeI’m trying out the new WordPress theme that is supposed to make The Web Optimist blog iPhone-friendly. Problem is, I don’t have an iPhone, so if anyone of you wild and crazy folks out there who stood in line for days to buy one can check it out for me, I’d appreciate it. Just post a comment and let me know what it looks like.

Of course, the iWPhone WordPress Plugin and Theme are beta, so there are probably going to be some bugs and only basic WordPress functionality. But, hey, considering the iPhone has just been out for such a short time, I’m impressed Content Robot has gotten this plugin out so soon.


2 thoughts on “The Web Optimist on iPhone

  1. Richard,

    Thanks for trying our plugin. Here’s a screen shot of your site with iWPhone…

    The long blog title and tagline make the top header a bit large. You may want to edit the header.php file and hard code a shorter title and tagline. Email us if you need help doing that.

    The ContentRobot Team

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