SEO Appears to “Get It” About Privacy

Search engine privacy concernsUnlike Google, who is sending out spymobiles in droves to take photos of unsuspecting citizens for viewing around the globe, number four search engine has indicated that privacy is a concern by releasing a new product that will give searchers control over their privacy.

While Google’s Streetview fleet invades America, and, from early indications, some people’s privacy, is rolling out AskEraser, which the company says will provide searchers with “unmatched control over their privacy when searching for information on the Web.”

Again, unlike Google, which makes opting out as difficult as it possibly can, says that it is making the task as easy and visibile as possible. Once you opt out, your privacy settings will be clearly visible when you search, according to the press release.

And, as appears to be the case with all of the major players, will disassociate search history from a user’s IP address or cookie information after 18 months when it rolls out AskEraser. Editors note – Not sure why 18 months is the magic number, though. What’s wrong with 12 months or 6 or even 3?

The service isn’t operational yet, nor does the press release indicate when it will be, but it is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, the Big G will follow suit and make privacy settings easier to control and even understand with its services (See my post Google’s Getting Too Personal). If not, is a great alternative search engine for those concerned over Google’s alleged invasion of privacy policies. is the only major search engine to announce privacy control of this magnitude so far.


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