Roadrunner Support/Linksys WRT350N – Let’s Talk Turkey!

Roadrunner gets a thumbs down for support This really has nothing to do with SEO other than being about connectivity so that I can do my job as a search engine optimization analyst and trainer. But, I have been fighting with a Linksys WRT350N Wireless-N Router that refuses to keep an Internet connection. I’m trying to keep my cool with this thing, but don’t be surprised to see a not-so-nice review of the turkey here at some point. So far it has been a total dog, so unless you are into self-abuse, look at another wireless router.

Anyway, I digress. I’ve been all over the various support forums, even the one at Linksys, trying to figure out why this router loses its Internet connection after a few minutes. On one of the forums, it was suggested that I fill in the ISP information (Host, Domain) in Admin even if I don’t think it’s needed. I’ve tried just about everything else, so what could it hurt?

So, I sent a request off to Roadrunner (I’m in Palm Springs, CA) through their online form explaining the situation and asking for their ISP information since it was nowhere to be found on the “support” site.

Here’s the response:

Currently, Time Warner Cable and/or Road Runner provided limited support for home networks or multiple computers. The only time that Time Warner Cable and/or Road Runner will support a home network is if we installed and configured Road Runner Wireless Home Network. When we do the install we provided the use of a wireless cable modem and if needed the adapters for the computer(s). If you have a router, switch, hub, and/or a cable modem that you have purchase that has the ability to run a home network; Time Warner Cable and/or Road Runner will not provide support for that product. In this case you will then need to contact the manufacture for any Home Networking related question or issues.

Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable.

Customer Care
Time Warner Cable – San Diego
8949 Ware CT.
San Diego, CA. 92121

Jeez. It’s not as though they’d lose any money to give me the Host Name. Time Warner is already getting over $100 per month from me for cable and Internet services, including their dorky HD package that forces me to watch the lousy local network affiliates which offer very little in HD.

Heck, the only reason they didn’t also get my digital phone business is that I need an 800 number for business, which they didn’t offer. And, an attitude like this sure isn’t going to get me to pick up the phone to call for an appointment to pay them big bucks to install a home network, either.

I’d call that icy cold response a good argument for Fios or even DSL.

C’mon Verizon, get that fiber optic up to my door!

It’s nowhere near Thanksgiving, but let’s talk turkey(s). Consider this a double review. Don’t buy the Linksys WRT350N and don’t expect any kind of support from Roadrunner unless you expect to pay for it over and above your standard service.

Rant over. Now, back to the drawing board…


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