Skype Apologizes for Outage

As most Skype users know, the popular VOIP service had a major worldwide outage last week, preventing users from making Skype-to-Skype or SkypeOut calls or receiving SkypeIn calls or accessing Skype voicemail.

As a business user of Skype, I can relate to the frustration that those who have come to depend upon the service must have felt. Many users depend upon the various Skype services these days as their primary source of communications, whether it’s simply for phone calls, chat, voicemail, conference calls, video chat, public chats, SkypeFind or even SkypePrime, which sets you up as a call provider, a specialist that charges per minute for services.

All of us were impacted by this. Some companies, like, don’t use any of the Skype paid services but just take Skype calls for orders.

Anyway, Skype has offered a peace pipe to all paid users. Here’s the e-mail I received from them:

Hello rburckhardt

You may or may not know but last week Skype wasn’t available for a
couple of days. There were a number of reasons for this and I am
delighted to say that the problem is now well and truly sorted and
everything is back to normal. For those of you who tried to use Skype
during that time but couldn’t, we’re very sorry. For those of you who
didn’t try to use Skype – well thankfully you were not affected but we
want to reassure everyone that Skype is now working happily and the
problem is fixed.

We know we have many faithful users out there who give us feedback
(good and bad) on what we’re doing as a company. The Skype community makes us what we are. Without you, our users, we simply wouldn’t
exist. We’ve helped people stay in touch with their friends and
family over the past four years without any massive hitch and we want
it to stay that way.

When the unexpected happens, it’s important to remember the people who stuck behind us and whose loyalty humbled us. I want to thank
everyone for their support, patience and being part of the Skype community. And for those of you who missed out on using Skype last
week – I want to especially thank you as well.

As a goodwill gesture to all you faithful Skype Pro, Skype Unlimited,
SkypeIn or Skype Voicemail customers, we’re adding an additional seven days to your current subscription, free of charge. And even if you didn’t miss out on using Skype last week – you can still have a week free on Skype, on the house!

So please enjoy it, call your loved ones, friends, family and
colleagues and thanks again.

Talk soon,
The people at Skype

Seven days, huh? I didn’t lose any revenue due to the outage myself, but I think they could have been a bit more generous if they want to maintain their community. I’d have offered at least a month considering there are bound to be a lot of users less fortunate than me who lost big bucks.

At any rate, we now know that Skype is NOT bulletproof and should NOT be counted on as the only communications vehicle for a business. We all need to plan ahead and put alternate means of communications in place.


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