SEO’s Redirects Do Pass Link Juice

A few months ago I wrote a post suggesting that a link in the directory probably would not help you with your link building campaign because the links appeared to be redirected. You can read all of my concerns and reservations in the post’s Redirected Links along with updated comments.

Shortly after that post appeared I contacted Search Engine News to see what they knew about that directory’s linking structure. They had also removed from their list of recommendations as well. Search Engine News got back with me with a promise to test the links and come back with a definite answer.

They provided the answer in the Sept. 2007 issue. Here’s what they say:

If your site is in the business-to-business field, then we can once again feel comfortable with recommending that you add to your monthly marketing plan.

As to whether their links are passing link equity: the Standard Listings section on their directory pages does have direct links—although they use JavaScript to generate a redirected tracking link on the fly after the link is clicked. This gives the impression that the link is redirected. But the fact that the full URL is present in the code means that search engines are seeing it and crediting the link juice.

The bottom line is that we are back on the bandwagon—although we recommend that you zero in on the Standard listing if you’re using them for link building.

So, I’ve added back to my list of Best Directories and want to thank Search Engine News for their assistance. Thanks folks!

And, I have to give credit to the folks at for their ingenuity. Very clever linking strategy!


2 thoughts on “’s Redirects Do Pass Link Juice

  1. So the tracking JavaScript method is on your website for the tracking purposes? That is the only way it could work while passing link juice. If it is a JavaScript link on I would not be so confident. Maybe some examples?

  2. Here’s a bit more of what Search Engine News had to say. When I first looked at the link code a few months ago, I thought it looked like it might work, but then I ran a page from through a spider simulator and all it saw were the redirects. I’ll have to try that again.


    As mentioned, those are redirected via JavaScript redirects—but since there’s the href part along with the actual URL, they are likely seen as real links by the search engines and, according to our tests, appear to be passing PageRank (i.e., link juice).

    By the way, the $199 Standard Listings are the ones the ones that look like this: link code


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