Buy Those Paid Text Links

Buy those text links
Come out of hiding and buy those paid text links.

With all of the controversy over Google’s recent crackdown on buying and selling text links that pass PageRank, a lot site owners are probably running scared as far as buying or selling those links. Is Google, the top text link seller on the planet, a hypocrite about the whole thing? After all, if text links aren’t passing PR, why buy them from Joe’s Text Links? You might as well buy AdWords and get a wider distribution.

That said, there are still ways to utilize paid text links in your online marketing plans that will bring you traffic and possibly even some of those coveted backlinks that count. For illustration purposes, I’ll focus on videos, podcasts and images, all of which can rank well in Google’s Universal Search.

And, the beauty of this strategy is that you won’t have to fear being penalized by Google for buying of selling text links because, the links won’t point to you.


Allow me to explain.

1. Videos – Let’s say you have a video you want to get exposure. It can be a review, a commercial or something to create a buzz like the Mentos/Diet Coke phenomenon a while back where someone discovered that dropping Mentos into Diet Coke caused an explosion. One creative video led to tons of traffic and lots of variations of the video.

To get your new video a jump start, consider purchasing text links and pointing them to the video. The trick is to put the video in the place where it is most likely to generate the quickest and greatest amount of traffic, probably YouTube, and point that text link there, not at your site (You can still place the video on your own site, just don’t point paid links to it). You can point the paid link to your own YouTube Channel or to the actual video on YouTube. Either way, you get a link back to your web site. Yes, that link is a nofollow link, but you’re still driving traffic that can lead to bookmarking, sharing and return visits.

And, you also increase your odds of showing up in the top results for whatever your video subject matter happens to be. There is evidence that popularity is a factor in determining which videos show up highest in Google results (see below for a search for iPhone video review). Give your video a boost with a few strategically purchased text links.

Google results for iphone video review

2. Podcasts – Take a similar approach to promoting your podcasts. For instance, if your podcast is already in iTunes, you could point the paid link directly to your iTunes link, which can be found by going to iTunes and searching for your podcast. As an example, below is a screen shot of the podcast in iTunes. You won’t get any PR from such a link directly, but you improve your chances of getting new subscribers who will visit your web site or blog and bookmark or share the link with others, producing more backlinks which can result in more traffic and, if PR is your goal, increased PR.

iTunes podcast page for

If your podcast isn’t in iTunes, do a Google search for podcasts. As of this writing, comes up at top. Submit your podcast to this directory and point your paid link to your listing, which includes a link back to your own podcast page. Currently, this is not a nofollow link.

3. Photos – This is my favorite. Optimizing your images can help push them to the top of the search results, but how about getting some link juice back from them, too? Try this. Get a free Flickr account and post the optimized photo that you want to promote there. With each photo you can include keywords (tags), a title and description (basically a web page). In the description, you can use HTML to link back to your own site. Below is an example of an image page from Flickr that I posted. It’s a photo of me trying on Kenmark Richard Round Eyeglasses. It also links back to the page where the frames can be purchased online. You get a link back and no nofollow tag.

Point your paid text link to promote an image page like this and get multiple benefits. An added bonus I got for this image page is a #1 ranking for the keyword phrase.

Kenmark Richard Round Eyeglasses photo on Flickr

Paid text links can still be a part of your SEO strategy. These are just a few examples of ways to work around Google’s Gestapo tactics regarding paid links. I’m sure there are lots of creative minds working on more.

One more tip to keep in mind – if you come across a site that you would really like to buy a text link on that would link directly to your site, contact the site owner and try to negotiate a link within the body text of site pages (not in a sidebar or footer). This takes more work than buying from a text link broker, but it’s doubtful that Google or any of the search engines can detect these as paid links. Just be sure the site doesn’t slap a nofollow on the link and that the site is related in subject matter to yours.


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