As the Economy Falls, Does Spam Boom?

This is just a quick observation. Over the past few weeks, I have noticed my spam volume increase a ton. It might be that the amount has exploded with the souring economy or that spammers are just getting better at evading filters. Whatever, mine is going through the roof.

Over at Hotmail, which attracts spam like flies anyway, I can check my mail in the morning and find 100 spams that didn’t make it through. Problem is, another 25 might.

My other personal accounts are seeing an uptick in spams that make it through the filters, too, despite spam filters on the server end and local client spam software.

So, desperation time for spammers as folks stop spending money?

Anyone else seeing this?


2 thoughts on “As the Economy Falls, Does Spam Boom?

  1. Yeah i get a lot of it too …. and recently even my gmail hasn’t spared me in terms of spam…
    infact… i have even started getting spam messages on my phone is the last few days ..
    isn’t there any way to block these or filter them permanently ??

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