Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-10-19

  • Web Optimist update: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2008-10-12: Web Optimist update: .. http://tinyurl.com/3uz7lm #
  • @andybeal Are you familiar with pissedconsumer.com? Looks like they plant bad reviews to get pay for premium rep management services. in reply to andybeal #
  • @andybeal Yeah, came out of nowhere in January. Got lots of fake posts. Seen folks who have found their names on complaints they didn’t make in reply to andybeal #
  • @andybeal Is this type of situation in your book? If so, I’m off to Amazon.com! in reply to andybeal #
  • Web Optimist update: Shopping Site Essentials: If you have an e-commerce site you.. http://tinyurl.com/48rtzv #
  • Ya know, according to Smallville, Krytonite is everywhere. Superman is in BIG trouble! #
  • Web Optimist update: Considering Bundled Service? Maybe You Should Reconsider…: M.. http://tinyurl.com/5nboqs #

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