Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-11

  • Web Optimist update: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-04: Web Optimist update: Twitter Wee.. http://tinyurl.com/9mdrds #
  • Holidays are over & lotsa tourists going home. Now it’s just the desert locals & snowbirds. Things should be a tad easier. #
  • Rumor: Microsoft to Cut 15,000 Employees this Month – http://tinyurl.com/7sto9f – another company I used to want to work for – glad I don’t. #
  • Kewl – LG Announces Broadband HDTV with Netflix Built In – http://tinyurl.com/738fvg – Now if Netflix would just add more streaming content #
  • Even more kewl, UPS just deleivered my new netbook. I’ve got a new toy! #
  • Apple cuts copy protection and prices on iTunes -http://tinyurl.com/7vvt86 #
  • Report: Apple, AT&T to Announce iPhone Tethering http://tinyurl.com/6wo6cw #
  • One thing that really irritated me with my new netbook. It took like half an hour for the darned thing to install everything to run. Sheesh! #
  • Web Optimist update: LG BD300 Blu-ray DVD Player with Netflix Streaming: As a Netflix subscr.. http://tinyurl.com/73rrwg #
  • @lorenbaker I’d go to SMX West myself. Not fan of cold weather! 😉 in reply to lorenbaker #
  • Retweeting @dannysullivan: posted, Bush: Fix Your “Miserable Failure” Googlebomb Legacy Before Obama Takes Office, http://is.gd/eNy3 ret … #
  • @lorenbaker Wish I could. I love the Lauderdale area, but can’t make it. in reply to lorenbaker #
  • Anyone planning to build their own PC should take a look at this baby – http://tinyurl.com/8p4r97 – kewl! #
  • Here’s my take on Netflix streaming video – http://tinyurl.com/73rrwg #
  • @dcfemella thanks for the kind words and the great comment on the post. Luv Netflix, but the streaming not ready for prime time yet. in reply to dcfemella #
  • Oops. We just had a bit of an earthquake. Just a bit of shaking going on! #
  • @dannysullivan Definitely got MY attention! in reply to dannysullivan #
  • @mashable Felt it quite well here in Palm Springs. in reply to mashable #
  • Star Trek fans check out downloadable audio episodes at http://www.continuingmission.com/ . Not bad for free fan produced adventures. #
  • TwitterGadget is rally nice, but I wish I could relocate it within the Gmail window. It’s so far down that I have to scroll way too much. #
  • Any SEOs in the L.A. area looking for some contract work? I know an ad agency looking for someone who can work with their clients. #
  • @dannysullivan Hey, me too! Voyager rocked, especially Seven of Nine! in reply to dannysullivan #
  • Gawd, it’s gorgeous out today! heading out into it in just a few for a three mile walk before dark! #
  • @andybeal For me it would be that I HATE Vista. ANYTHING has to be better! in reply to andybeal #
  • @andybeal Worth a shot since you’ve got it available, You can always go back to Ubuntu. I’ve got it on my laptop and works great. Good luck! in reply to andybeal #
  • Web Optimist update: SEO/PPC Partner Needed: I spoke with these folks earlier this week and .. http://tinyurl.com/7gc2qh #
  • Incredible that some folks are digging out of snow and I’m walking around in shorts. Weather service tells me it’s 83 degrees. I lluv PSP! #

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