Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-01

  • Web Optimist update: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-25: Web Optimist update: Twitter Wee.. http://tinyurl.com/b2s6sd #
  • Reading “Twitter Revolution” and am 40 pages into it. Still waiting for the good stuff. C’mon good stuff! I want instant gratification! #
  • In need of ranking checker that keeps a history of a week or two for comparison in easy to read format. Most just list daily. Suggestions? #
  • @indiescott Yeah, well, if Superman can’t figure out that he needs to line his suit with lead, then dodging a gun tells you something… in reply to indiescott #
  • Check out http:www.twitstat.com and the mobile version at http://m.twitstat.com. Excellente! #
  • Make that http://www.twitstat.com ! #
  • Can’t believe the cold, snow and ice around the country reported on the morning news programs. Sunny & 75 here. I’m in shorts. Luv PSP! #
  • Web Optimist update: iPhone TV: or How to Watch News While Shaving Without a TV: Yes, I&#821.. http://tinyurl.com/dzl7fq #
  • Checking out http://tweetag.com/. Interesting tweet search site. #
  • @_randfish Thanks for the follow. I’m now following you as well! #
  • 12seconds – Welcoming my visitors! http://tiny12.tv/MMSV4 #
  • For those of you in the Palm Springs area, a reminder that I offer SEO workshops for groups. http://www.weboptimist.com/contact-me/ #
  • Lunch time. Sitting in the warm sun eating frozen chocolate malt yogurt and soaking up rays. Mmmm… #
  • My clueless sister sent two gold rings to Cash4Gold in the provided mailing package. Guess what? Cash4Gold claims they never received them! #
  • @OneChicBoutique That’s what I told her when she called me for help. Geez… #
  • @OneChicBoutique Yep, but I’m betting Cash4Gold counts on folks using the shipper they send. No way to track it & they keep the gold! 😦 #
  • No LinkedIn photo pretty much tells me the person in the profile is not too serious about networking there. #
  • @hunterheitzman Might not want to use your Twitter icon. We’re professionals on LinkedIn, ya know. 😉 #
  • @dannysullivan Seven of Nine? That would be classic! I can just see it in Mad Magazine now! #
  • @aaronwall Noticed that when I load a preset into your Firefox Rank Checker and export to CSV all ranking results & URLs come up empty. #
  • PRWeb Tweets It – Launches TweetIt twhich tweets your news releases as they go out. http://is.gd/hx9N #
  • @aaronwall I downloaded a couple of days ago. I load any preset and if I then export to CSV, the rankings are 0 and the Google URL is empty #
  • @aaronwall If I load the preset and run the ranking then export to CSV, it works fine. #
  • @aaronwall I can’t, for instance, schedule a preset to run and then export the results the next morning. #
  • For my Palm Springs area followers, I have added information about SEO workshops to my blog – http://www.weboptimist.com/about/ #
  • Submit your SEO related site to my SEO directory at http://tinyurl.com/887tkw . It’s free, folks. #
  • Palm Springs area web sites are encouraged to submit their sites to my local directory – http://tinyurl.com/887tkw #
  • Oh, is there a football game on Sunday? #
  • @dannysullivan The Super Bowl’s tomorrow? Same here. I have no clue who’s in it other than Springsteen. #
  • @sdreinhart1975 just working, that’s about it #

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