Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-08

  • Web Optimist update: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-01:
    Thrilled that Sean Penn won be.. http://tinyurl.com/bdk43f #
  • Managed to make it through the day without too much of a problem other than a hacking cough and lack of voice. Kept me off the phone. 🙂 #
  • For those who don’t know me, I absolutely detest cold calls from ANYONE trying to sell me something. With the economy, I get more than ever. #
  • Betting Peter grabs Sylar at some point and hits the jackpot – All the powers! #
  • Growing up, TV networks showed the whole season and went into summer reruns. Now they show a few episodes and then rerun those. I HATE it! #
  • Blogging has had to wait while I get over pneumonia, catch up with work this week & head to PubCon & meetings next week. Will get back to it #
  • How does a merchant get into AOL Shopping? Is it all Pricegrabber feeds or what? Any info would be appreciated. #
  • Watching rerun of Airwolf, still like my all time favorite TV show. Shame it had such a short run. #
  • @hunterheitzman I’ve heard that for quite a while. As with everything SEO, no absolute proof, but makes sense longer = more trust. in reply to hunterheitzman #
  • I’m attending BuzzStream Party for PubCon South — http://buzzstream.eventbrite.com?ref=twittershare #
  • Web Optimist update: 102 Quick SEO Tips Even Mom Would Love: UPDATED – Everyone loves a good.. http://tinyurl.com/da69gc #

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