Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

  • Web Optimist update: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-08:
    Web Optimist update: Twitter W.. http://tinyurl.com/d4l2es #
  • Anyone use Windows Live Product Upload? Got a Google Base compatible feed that is happily pronounced “published” but products NEVER show up. #
  • WIndows Live Product Upload support is absolutely useless. Keep getting the same cut & paste responses telling me to create an account! Duh #
  • @SEOSEM Actually, we do very well with Google Base, but WIndows Live Product Upload has been a total dud. Can’t even get products to show. in reply to SEOSEM #
  • @singlefeed Actually we’re setting up Singlefeed at this time. Been playing with Windows Live Product Upload while we’re working on that. in reply to singlefeed #
  • @SEOSEM That’s what I’m trying to find out by putting up a feed. Might not be worth the hassle, but since it’s free, thought worth a try. in reply to SEOSEM #
  • Heading for Austin for PubCon tomorrow. Leaving sunshine & shorts – looks like cold & rain during the conference. Where’d I put those jeans? #
  • @mashable FramesDirect.com is giving away eyewear to get Twitter followers. Whatever works! http://is.gd/jTpU in reply to mashable #
  • Shutting down to get a bite to eat and then head to airport for Austin & PubCon. Arriving around 8 pm. Tweet me any meet-ups tonight! #
  • Typical. Rushed to catch connecting flight and the damned thing is late! Grrr… Might be a little late into Austin. #
  • Got into Austin a bit later than expected. Hoped to get by the PubCon hotel, but dinner @Houstons sidetracked me. Yum! #
  • So, Richard V. Burckhardt, a.k.a The Web Optimist, is attending PubCon South in Austin this week. #pubcon #
  • Breakfast at PubCon Austin. Who ordered the rain and cold? Brrrr… #
  • Suggestion for PubCon Austin – How about something to take notes with? The mousepad sized pad covered with ads doesn’t do it. #pubcon #
  • Interesting to find out that the name PubCon originated in London when some search geeks met up in a pub for beer. Wondered about that… #
  • Chris Brogan sets a laptop with a fire screen saver for his “fireside chat” with Guy Kawasaki. #pubcon #
  • Web Optimist update: Guy Kawasaki at PubCon Austin: Live from Austin PubCon, March 11, 2009:.. http://tinyurl.com/bmlran #
  • @kalena re: prayers…amen to that! in reply to kalena #
  • @mattcutts Yup. This Palm Springs boy is freezing in Austin this week! Bring an umbrella and a jacket! See ya in the morning! in reply to mattcutts #
  • @jessicabowman Hey, it was shorts & sun when I left CA. All I brought was an orange sweat shirt. Folks are going to get tired of seeing it! in reply to jessicabowman #
  • Google’s forced switch from Feedburner broke my feed. No clue why, so I’m back to the default on my blog – http://www.weboptimist.com/feed/ #
  • Matt Cutts has entered the building…and he’s freezing! Did NOT come prepared for the COLD Austin weather #pubcon #
  • Matt Cutts is preparing to speak here at PubCon in Austin. Clap, clap, clap… #pubcon #
  • Matt Cutts announces Google Friend Connect API to make joining blogs and forums easier – http://www.weboptimist.com/ #
  • Adding hash – Matt Cutts announces Google Friend Connect API to make joining blogs and forums easier – http://www.weboptimist.com/ #pubcon #
  • Matt says most SEOs don’t need to worry about duplicate content, so chill… #pubcon #
  • Matt says Google has no limits on the number of 301 redirects on a domain. #pubcon #
  • URL structure, titles, natural synonyms, check server logs for rankings suggestions, add content daily – Matts SEO Tips – #pubcon #
  • Web Optimist update: Matt Cutts at PubCon South: Live from Austin PubCon, March 12, 2009:
    G.. http://tinyurl.com/cz27jo #
  • @mattcutts As always, great stuff in your PubCon keynote. Great to see you again. Keep warm while in Austin! in reply to mattcutts #
  • Craig Hordlow on Motive Analysis – “I’m not just talking about top or bottom because I’m from San Francisco” :-0 #pubcon #
  • @mattcutts Again, it was terrific! Now, can’t wait to try out Joost’s plugin. See ya online… in reply to mattcutts #
  • #pubcon Hmmm…Wayne still hasn’t said the T word … #
  • Wow, @waynesutton actually got through the entire social media & business session without saying the T word! #pubcon #
  • Looks like meetings with the boss today, so will miss the #pubcon networking event. Back to sunshine & warmth in Palm Springs tomorrow. #
  • Just finished a business lunch at the original Salt Lick BBQ in Austin. Can’t get BBQ that good in California! Yum! #
  • @oilman I dunno. Sure is handy to be right at the conference hotel for networking and all. in reply to oilman #
  • Ok, off to Starbucks for some brew & then to airport a little later. #pubcon in Austin was great, but need to get back to sun & palm trees! #
  • Definitely had to get out of Austin – Chowed down on Salt Lick BBQ for lunch AGAIN waiting for my flight. It’s SO good, but can’t continue! #
  • @niksmit Hope you know that in your Twitter profile photo you look like Sylar from HEROES! in reply to niksmit #
  • @niksmit Milk it for all you can get! Hey, soon folks will be saying you look like Mr. Spock! in reply to niksmit #
  • US Airways direct flight Austin to Palm Springs, one stop in Phoenix. Still have to get off 20 minutes & reboard. Big FAIL! #
  • Just landed in Palm Springs – sunshine, palm trees and 80 degrees. Great to be home! #

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