SEO Speaker

Richard V. Burckhardt, SEO Speaker

Richard Burckhardt, The Web Optimist, is available for SEO speaking engagements.

Richard V. Burckhardt (The Web Optimist) educates businesses, organization and professionals on how search engine optimization can be integrated into everyday business operations to help promote visibility and drive traffic. His speaking style is vibrant, down to earth, energetic, personal and geared toward non-techno geeks. Richard specializes in explaining SEO in non-technical, common sense language.

Richard covers SEO from site concept all the way down to strategies for optimizing an existing site. Based on his popular Quick SEO Tips Even Mom Would Love article, Richard’s presentation includes visuals, discussion and a chance for Q&A. Time and location permitting, Richard will also critique sites volunteered from the audience.

You can read a brief bio about Richard V. Burckhardt or find out more about his professional background through Richard V. Burckhardt’s LinkedIn page.

Email Richard for his speaking fee and other information via his contact page. Richard is available for speaking engagements about search engine optimization/SEO in the Palm Springs area and southern California (other travel is a possibility, schedule permitting).

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