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How to submit to the SEO Resource Directory
Want to be included in this list of search engine optimization and Internet marketing resources? Just place a link to us (see below) somewhere on your site and let us know about it. E-mail us after you have placed this code on one of your pages.


<p>Visit <a href=””>The Web Optimist</a> for <a href=””>News</a&gt;, <a href=””>Free S E O eBooks</a>, <a href=””>Reviews</a&gt; and <a href=””>Training</a&gt;, including <a href=””>Optimization Tips</a> from Palm Springs, CA.</p>


This is what it will look like:

SEO in The Desert - Visit The Web for SEO, and Internet marketing news from Palm Springs Visit The Web Optimist for News, Free S E O eBooks, Reviews and Training, including Optimization Tips from Palm Springs, CA.

Alternatively, you may use this more simple code, though, naturally we would prefer what is displayed above. 😉

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>SEO in The Desert: The Web Optimist of Palm Springs</a>

Note: Only sites related to SEO, PPC and web development information will be considered.

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